Saturday, 23 January 2010

The Many Adventures of Lady Jane Fairfax
Written by Heather
The corridor was dark, damp and cold. Flaming lanterns lit the way at regular intervals along it's stone walls, throwing shadows on the curved cold ceiling. Water droplets slowly made their way down the sides of the walls and the torrential rain poured down in the inky darkness of the outside of the medieval castle. The corridor walls were crafted from basic stone and a window opening showed the walls depth. The outside world was briefly lit up as lightning flashed across the night sky, briefly showing the desolate countryside beyond the castle gates.
Thunder crashed down upon the castle breaking the corridor's silence. A commotion at the end of the corridor erupted. 'Let me go!' a voice fumed. 'Do you not know who I am?' she cried incredulously, struggling to no avail with two strong armed guards. 'Oh yes M'Lady, we know who you are right enough' sarcastically mocked one of the guards. 'Then for heavens sake let me go!' cried the woman struggling with the guards and frantically writhing around desperate to free herself, getting more and more aggravated. 'I'm afraid we can't do that M'Lady' the guard laughed as he held Lady Jane Fairfax roughly, one dirty fist gripping her copper hair and the other pushing her forward down the corridor. Jane's hands were bound together behind her back and the guard shoved her roughly towards a flight of spiral stone steps that led to the tower. 'Up you go now lovey! No sense in arguing is there? The guard gave a nasty chuckle.
Jane struggled to avoid slipping on the steep wet stone steps and her feet scraped and scuffed as she was dragged up the steep flight. The lightning lit the way occasionally and the thunder crashed around her ears. 'At least for god sake, tell me what it is i'm supposed to have done? She yelled in the guards face, so furious now! 'Well missy, you certainly seem to have upset someone now, haven't ya? heh heh heh. Ah, 'ere we are. The guard opened a large thick heavy oak studded door. 'In you go, and er, ha ha, night night, sweet dreams!
Jane faced the second, slightly kinder looking guard. 'Well the least you can do, surely, is tell me what I have done and for how long I am to be held? The guard looked into Lady Jane's beautiful face and softened a little. 'I'm sorry love' he said 'I 'ave me orders. Just doin' me job'. In a moment of kindness he swiftly cut the rope typing Janes hands together. 'Oi!, what you doin' that for? queried the more aggressive guard. 'Calm down mate! She aint goin' nowhere is she? retorted his softer, kinder companion. 'Huh' growled the aggressive man. 'Well on your head be it matey!' He then shoved Lady Jane roughly through the door. Jane was so exhausted she was sent sprawling onto the cold hard stone floor. the oak door slammed shut and the guards bolted the door, the noise of the enormous heavy bolt being slammed home echoed around the tiny cell.
Jane lay on the floor stunned and bruised. Everything hurt. She felt cold and hungry and everything hurt so much. Jane's emotions get the better of her for a moment and her eyes welled up. She shook herself angrily. 'Don't you dare!' she told herself sternly. 'Since when did crying ever help?'. However Jane was utterly exhausted and curled herself up in a helpless vulnerable bundle and fell tearfully into a deep exhausted sleep.
The walls of the cell were an almost grey/black with green mould growing up them. rivulets of water trickled down making wet puddles on the floor. The rain continued to come down heavily outside although the storm had now passed. Jane had been in the tower for several hours, it would soon be sunrise. Jane lay on the floor, bruised from fighting the guards and still exhausted. She stirred, flagstones were not nice places to sleep. She opened her eyes. 'eeww, god, oww owww ouchh!' heavy sigh. 'Oh god! not again!' Jail again!' Jane had a habit of getting herself into one scrape or another, it was just her nature. She sat up, her face filthy, her dress torn, her hair utterly unkempt. Huh, Lady Jane Fairfax in Jail again! Oh blimey!
Jane got to her feet. 'Well this is marvellous isn't it?' she muttered to no one in particular. 'How am I going to get out of this one then?' Admittedly there was a lovely big window in the tower wall and she leaned across the 4ft thick wall to set how high up she was 'Whooow! Jane did not like heights, and she was very very high up. The castle was on a cliffs edge and naturally, she was locked in the tallest tower of said castle! Right at the base of the cliffs there ran a raging river with water spray leaping over jagged grey rocks.
Jane slumped back onto the floor. 'Oh bother! So what do I do now?' Think think think... mmmm.. Now I don't know if you have ever heard of Lady Jane Fairfax. Jane is a rather unusual lady. Full of surprises. Jane started to whistle a soft sweet whistle and within 5 minutes her whistle was joined by another similarly tiny soft sweet whistle. More of a chirp really. A tiny blue tit flew in through the window opening and nervously flew into the room. It gained confidence though as it was greated by Jane's hand. The tiny bird alighted onto her hand and looked Jane in the face. Jane smiled at her feathered friend and continued to whistle very softly to the bird and he suddenly took flight and flew straight out of the window opening and was gone (but a mere memory). Jane rested once more her head against the cell wall and closed her eyes and waited patiently. The sun started to rise sending beautiful colours of pink and orange around the horizon. Jane stood up and gazed in wonder at the beautiful view. Ever mindful of her predicament, but still unable to drag her sapphire eyes from the beautiful view before her. The horizon was stunning. A range of snow capped moutains rose in the distance with mysterious forests and several deep lakes. The stunning sunrise set rays of pink and orange which danced over the moutain range and the forests. The morning mist hung in the air making the scene even more mysterious. Jane patiently waited taking in the beautiful view. She adored that sort of view.
An Eagle's cry in the distance made Jane's mouth turn to a grin. On the horizon in the sunshine she could see a tiny black dot. The longer she watched the dot, it changed shape. As it got nearer a second dot appeared. The first shape was turning rather equine but strangely so. The stunningly magically silhouette of a Unicorn against the sunrise was a sight for sore eyes to Jane. 'Ah Tiratease' she sighed, I knew you'd come. She could now also see the second dot had turned into a majestic silhouette of a Golden Eagle. 'and Morty too!, my two best friends'.
The wam golden sun now started to light up the countryside surrounding the castle. Showing the deep cold river directly beneath.
Again an Eagles cry sounded but this time closer, much closer.... Then suddenly a huge feathered bird filled the window opening. Jane calmly looked up. She smiled lovingly at her beloved companion. 'Hello Morty' she said and gently stroked his feathered chest. The Golden Eagle nodded 'My Lady' he said gravely and bowing 'we came as soon as we heard. Jane looked lovingly into the Eagles eyes 'Oh my darling Morty, I knew I could count on you two'. Sir Mortimer Flockhart, to give him his full title, flew into the room. 'We must be swift My Lady as the guards will be up to check on you very soon.' 'I fear you are correct as always Morty. In fact I think we may have company arriving now!' The noise of heavy boots marching up the stone stairway could be heard. Time was running out and fast. Sir Mortimer looked at Jane's attire quizzically 'er you are hardly dressed for scrambling through windows!'
Lady Jane looked at herself in the reflection of a puddle lit by the sunshine. mmm. Long forest green dresses weren't really what adventurers who crawl through windows normally wore, but it couldn't be helped. 'No time for that now Morty darling! We must fly! Jane giggled at her rather silly joke and Morty rolled his eyes and shook his head. The guards boots were getting noisier and voices could be heard outside. the sound of a metal key in the lock turning.....
Lady Jane scrambled back onto the ledge as best she could, skirts getting torn in the process. She stood up and walked to the windows ledge . 'Tiratease my darling, how jolly good to see you!' Tiratease bowed his head 'It is, as always, good to see you too my lady'. The Unicorn was large and muscular with a creamy white coat and a silver spiralled horn. His white mane blowing in the soft morning breeze and his stunning wings sprerad wide beating quietly. 'Hurry now My Lady the guards will be upon us' snorted Tiratease, eager for everyone to leave the tower. 'There is no time to waste, we must make haste!' Your father is so worried about you. 'Don't look down, just jump on my back. I will catch you should you fall. You are perfectly safe. ' Tiratease knew very well of Jane's fear of heights. Once she was on his back she would be fine. It was the tower she didn't like.
The cell door opened and the guards stomped into the room, just in time to see Jane on the window lege. 'Hey you!' They shouted.
Jane gathered her skirts in her hands, took a deep breath and leapt straight from the ledge onto the Unicorns back. Phew that was a bit tricky! She settled happily onto the Unicorn's soft feathery warm back. All in the knick of time as the Golden Eagle flew from the window ledge the guards rushed to it. 'Oi, what the hell!' they shouted angrily! Tiratease dove swiftly away from the windows edge his wings arching in the air catching currents and swooping with speed and ease avoiding the guards deftly fired arrows.
The three companions free once more headed towards the mountains.......

Friday, 22 January 2010

Hi, I am hoping that this little bit of script will be able to be read by my friends on Twitter. These guys are very patient with me and I am hoping that, once I'm a little more at ease with this blog site, that I may give a little back.

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